Where Are They Now?

Where Are They Now?

By James Marr
5th September
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Reaching Back into the Club's History with Mel Jones

Welcome to the first of what will be a regular feature on the Club webpage. 'Where Are They Now' is the brainchild or our new Club President - Mel Jones. Whilst we are always busy at the Club looking forward and trying to make improvements for our current and future players, it is absolutely right that on occasion we take a moment to look back...we will never know where we are heading if we lose sight of where we've come from.

So here we go the first installment from Mel:

This is the team which played for our Junior Section (our first ever) back in 1982 against York:

Steve Burns

Andy Davies Greg Darrel Tim Pearson Dougie Cochran

Richard Franks Gerry Carr

Mark Campbell Tim Garnett* Alan Dowling

Stewart Hannah Andrew Laraway

Justin Lock Aidrian Campbell James Stancliffe

Reserves: Nick Davies Richard Jones*

* Indicates they went on to be First Team Captains.

Now I need your help:

  • Have I got the right date?
  • Does anyone have any evidence: newspaper clippings etc? that I can have a copy of?
  • Does anyone have any team photos from that fixture?
  • Does anyone have contact details for any of the players named above (other than my own son!)?

Enjoy the memories, I am planning on hosting a re-union Lunch, so if you have any contact details for any of these players please let me know by dropping me a line to mel.jones99@btinternet.com.

We would love to hear from any one named on this team sheet

Keep watching for further instalments !!!!!!!!!!!

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